Since 1957, VARSHA has been manufacturing rainwear influenced by the traditional Indian monsoon.

It has been our mission to create comfortable and waterproof rainwear solutions. We set out on a journey to modernize rainwear and manufacture products with a mix of fashion and functionality. We realize the importance of the business we are in and create products that truly protect the consumer letting them step out into the rain fearlessly and confidently.

We follow a disciplined manufacturing and procurement process. Starting from the basic raw materials to the final packaging, it’s all done with absolute precision. It is this very approach that has propelled us to become a household brand in India.

History and Legacy:

Being from the textile background, realizing the grave need for adequate rain gear for the Indian population, as well as seeing the regular demand and potential, our forefathers established VARSHA with the vision to one day become the leaders in the rainwear manufacturing industry in India.

Today, Varsha is India’s pioneer brand in raincoat manufacture and distribution.

We have grown from strength to strength with every member from every generation adding value and purpose in their own unique way.


Getting into Manufacturing was an inevitable step, as there was a need to craft products as per our design and quality standards.

From design conceptualization to finished goods, we are 100% self-reliant having the necessary state-of-the-art technology, highly skilled workforce, and strong logistics, giving us complete control over aesthetics, quality, quantity and finer details.

With this in place, we are in a position to continuously develop newer products with high volumes and quality standards suiting the need and requirement of various regions and markets.

While we are dedicated to supply our customers with top quality products we are also proud to announce that our factory provides extremely safe and hygienic working conditions and proper working schedules for our highly skilled workforce, strictly following all the ethical and legal guidelines. Since the inception, our company has zero tolerance to child labor.

Product Quality and Specifications:

From procuring the raw material to the smallest accessory till the manufacture of our finished goods, we have implemented standardized procedures to keep up with consistent standards of quality with a rigorous focus on durability and meticulousness.

Our quality management principles are based on strong customer focus, the process approach, a deep interest in acquiring a technical expertise of each and every component of our product and to achieve continual improvement.

We received the ISO 9000:2015 certification in 2019 year and had regular systems audits to uphold these grades of standards.

All our raw materials are exclusively selected from suppliers that follow the same best and ethical practices that govern the standards of our business with a very strict no-compromise policy.

All our products consist of:

  • Fabrics that are water-repellent and breathable
  • High Performance Zippers
  • Reflective tapes at the back for safety at night